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实时更新 2021年11月6日


Daily Record

A team of health professionals has issued a dire warning that a new £100 million energy-from-waste incinerator plant in Ayrshire will “hasten the …

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Northwich Guardian

CONTROVERSIAL plans to expand operations at a Northwich incinerator have moved a step closer. An application has been submitted to the Department …

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Nuhey News

The incinerators are equipment used for treatment of waste through the combustion of organic substances present in it. In this process, waste …

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Mirage News

Amager Bakke incineration plant burns, among other things, household waste that has not been sorted for recycling. The energy generated is used to …

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పంజాబ్ లో మళ్లీ పంట వ్యర్థాల దగ్ధం ఘటనలు పెరుగుతున్నాయి. గురువారం ఒక్క రోజే 3 …

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Waste Management World

… alongside the CO2 savings from diverting plastic waste away from incineration and into advanced recycling” said Daley.

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